The ten best honeys in the world?


It’s been (almost) one hundred delicious days of honey. If all goes to plan then tomorrow will be the final post in this blog. I feel sad, I feel I’ve learned a lot, and I feel rather full.

I’ve loved all the licks of honey that have come my way as I’ve been writing the blog, but here are my top ten favourites in reverse order. They come from all over the world – California to Kosovo, New Zealand to Sardinia and Romania. For full information, including in some cases suggestions for where to buy the honey, click through to the original post.

10. Avocado honey, tasting nothing like the fruit. The avocado flowers produce a dark, late-night honey, all malt and burnt wool aroma and leather flavours

9. Sunflower honey – a rich, indulgent and energizing mix of ‘yellow’ tastes (butter, lemon, pineapple) and ‘green’ tastes (fresh cut grass, new figs)

8. My own Kosovan honey. Blatant favouritism, but I love the taste of it because it’s the taste of the landscape I love looking at.

7. Clover honey – my ‘ur’ honey; the first I remember eating; soft and creamy and uncomplicated

6. Thistle honey with a surprising taste of geranium

5. Romanian raspberry blossom honey – ‘Werther’s original honey’ with a butterscotch scent and stewed quince taste

4. Carob honey – a mellow sweetness with coffee aftertaste

3. Asphodel honey – a rare and beautiful, pale crystalline honey from Sardinia – a metallic chamomile followed by orange blossom with almond milk finish

2. Beechwood honey – its medicinal taste isn’t for everyone, but it is said to be full of antioxidants and is surprisingly more-ish

1. Lavender truffle honey – a wicked, smoky blend of honey from lavender flowers, infused with truffle


And for your reference, here’s the full list of the honeys that have been reviewed on the 100 Days of Honey blog:

For more honey tasting notes, honey recipes, and stories behind extraordinary honeys, see my recently published Little Book of Honey.

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2 Responses to The ten best honeys in the world?

  1. Oh no! I don’t want this blog to ever end, Elizabeth! It is so fun seeing all the places you go, seeing all the beekeepers from around the world and learning about new foods. “Sob”!! xx

  2. Emily Heath says:

    Will miss hearing about all the new honeys you try, you describe them so well, it’s almost as good as testing them myself.

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