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A wedding day honey medley

There’s been a certain amount of talk about weddings today, even in Kosovo where the TV has been full of Wills & Kate coverage in Albanian.  And there’s a well-established connection between weddings and honey here. The connection starts long … Continue reading

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The honey pledge; substituting for sugar

The carbon footprint of local honey is practically zero.  Indeed, given the role of the honey-producers in pollinating plants, I reckon my jar of honey takes you into carbon credit.  I harvest my honey with a creaking hand-powered centrifuge and … Continue reading

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Truffle lavender honey

Rob’s the guy I sleep with and eat with.  It’s he who bought me my first beehive and he knows how important honey is to me.  So when he went to Philadelphia he brought me back a little pot of … Continue reading

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Honey face cream and the refuge for trafficked women where it’s made

Today’s honey isn’t something you eat – although it looks and smells almost good enough to do so. Today’s honey is mixed with propolis (the antiseptic gathered by bees from the shiny coating of buds and used as all-purpose fixer … Continue reading

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Holiday breakfast with honey

It’s a public holiday here in Kosovo and everywhere’s quiet – a communal lazy stretch of a day, a gentle get-up-and-see-what’s-in-the-cupboards kind of breakfast.  Kosovo has a perfect breakfast recipe for days like this, and it’s most perfect when eaten … Continue reading

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The honey that’s better than chocolate. Really

MieliThun is an Italian company run by a man with a name like a prayer and a face like an angel.  I met Andrea Paternoster last year at the Terra Madre Slow Food Conference and spent a long time looking … Continue reading

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Homemade honey ice-cream

It’s been a day for ice-cream today; a slow sunny day. But making your own ice-cream without an ice-cream maker is not usually a slow or sunny activity (all that constant returning to the freezer to bash at the ice … Continue reading

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The first of a hundred honeys

A good honey has a terroir just like a good wine.  So my hundred days of honey are going to take me to a hundred different bee pastures, passing among millions and millions of flowers (someone – less busy than … Continue reading

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What is 100 Days of Honey?

This is my new blog, launching to coincide with publication of my book, Travels in Blood and Honey; becoming a beekeeper in Kosovo. From Thursday 22 April, for one hundred days, I’m going to be trying a different honey or … Continue reading

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