French honeysuckle honey ice lollies

This is a strikingly pale honey which my honey dictionary tells me is ideal for making honey ice lollies. As temperatures here today have been a sticky 34 degrees, I tried it out, putting into the freezer a teaspoon filled with the fudgy, lightly fragrant ‘sulla’ honey I’d been sent by the wonderful MieliThun company in Italy.

After leaving it for a few hours in the freezer I had a refreshing classy lollipop. Licked, it is a childish sweet treat; chewed, it’s a more sophisticated creamy parfait with a light citrus floral taste. Summer on a spoon!


My book, Travels in blood and honey; becoming a beekeeper in Kosovo was published last year by Signal Books

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2 Responses to French honeysuckle honey ice lollies

  1. Oh how simple and delicious!! wonderful idea:) xxx

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