Raspberry blossom honey from Romania

I bought this honey in a market in Cluj Napoca in the autumn. It’s a fine, straw-coloured liquid honey with a powerful butterscotch scent. This really could be Werther’s Original Honey.


The taste is more complex, though still delicious. Surprisingly, given that candied fragrance, it’s less sweet than other honeys, and it has a mellow fruitiness like stewed quince. It would work well with fruity desserts like my favourite theatrical fruit recipe, pears en papillote, with stewed apple and ginger or as part of my cheat’s honey pastry for apple pie. Alternatively, it would team deliciously with nuts in Russian dessert or in the Irish oaten honeycomb recipe, or soaking loukoumades.


You get the idea – I’m enthusiastic about this honey. Just need to find a way to get back to Romania now, since the jar I bought there is emptying fast.


For more honey tasting notes, stories behind extraordinary honeys, and recipes, see my recently published Little Book of Honey.

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