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The Neighbourhood 29 beekeeper; the honey of hope

The Ideas Partnership, the charity I co-founded and volunteer with in Kosovo, does much of its work in Neighbourhood 29, a Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community in a suburb of Pristina. The families we work with scrabble out an existence … Continue reading

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Decani monastery honey

Decani monastery is the jewel of the Serbian Orthodox church in Kosovo. Indeed, it belongs to more people than that, as one of the sites given Unesco World Heritage status in Kosovo. It’s been protected by local Albanians through history … Continue reading

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Me fat Bajrami! New Zealand doughnuts soaked in honey

Today is Bajram or Eid-ul-fitr, the Muslim festival at the end of Ramadan. I’m spending it in Kosovo where it’s celebrated with the eating of honeyed pastries and much visiting and wishing to one another of a ‘propitious feast’. This … Continue reading

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Meadow honey and an education from Kosovo’s largest apiary

Today’s honey was a gift from the owner of Apikos, the largest apiary in Kosovo. Though with only about 400 hives, the enterprise is still small – family sized let’s say – and friendly. The company produces not only this … Continue reading

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Becoming a woman who makes her own bread. A challah recipe with honey

Our NGO, The Ideas Partnership, works in the Roma community of Fushe Kosove. Food is scarce there, in families where there can be ten people sleeping in one room, for warmth, and where the men spend their days going through … Continue reading

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Making baklava III

I’ve been making baklava quite a lot recently; for three Thursdays in a row in fact.  Two weeks ago it featured as one of the dishes modelled by culinary anthropologist, Anna Colquhoun at the event she hosted to mark the … Continue reading

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Honey and mustard: launching and dipping

There were nearly 100 people in Daunt Books, Holland Park tonight.  And I’d promised all of them honeyed snacks. It was a big night for me, not just because of the catering; this was the launch of my book, Travels … Continue reading

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Torrone. A sticky mess on Europe Day

The main square in Pristina was transformed today into a ‘Taste Europe’ street fair to celebrate Europe Day, a public holiday in Kosovo.  Passers-by were offered a smart recipe book with something traditional from every country in Europe, and the … Continue reading

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Shandatlie honey and walnut cake

Lots of the desserts I’ve grown to love (and grown from loving) in Kosovo are variations on a theme of carbohydrate soaked in syrup. In baklava the carbohydrate in question is filo pastry but the principle is very similar as … Continue reading

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The culinary anthropologist’s baklava

There are ten of us in the kitchen: a South African, two New Zealanders, four Brits, an Albanian and two Kosovars.  We are preparing food together, and too many cooks doesn’t spoil the baklava. We are doing something which is … Continue reading

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