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Lime-flower honey in Transylvania

I arrived in Transylvania this morning, and the only thing I knew about honey here wasn’t really a recommendation: Vlad the Impaler’s head was preserved in honey on its way to the Sultan in Istanbul where it was then displayed … Continue reading

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Honey and chocolate cake

Why does cake mixture always taste better than the finished cooked cake? (and while we’re on the subject of taste conundrums, how about the way that realising that parmesan cheese tastes of pineapple – and that red peppers taste like … Continue reading

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Fortnum and Mason’s ‘superior honey’ from their rooftop hives

City honey is frequently judged to be better than country honey. This is because of the lush, varied herbaceous borders the bees can forage on, in contrast to the fields of rape or other monocultures – which are all that … Continue reading

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Carob flour, honey and orange muffins

Today’s honey was eaten in an experiment with carob flour. Although I have written scathingly about carob, and I stand by my position that whatever people in health food shops tell you, it is not a substitute for chocolate, I … Continue reading

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Macadamia nut blossom honey

The smell of this honey is extraordinary – not just the lanolin musk that is familiar from other honeys, but something meatier, more animal. Someone once described a honey to me as having the scent of racehorses and I thought … Continue reading

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