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Sunday sunflower sun honey

If you could taste sunshine, what would it taste like? Yellow things – lemon and butter and pineapple – and green things: cut grass, new figs.  That’s what sunflower honey tastes of. It’s the colour of sunshine too – a … Continue reading

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Stewed apple and ginger with woodland honey

On weekday mornings the only thing stewing may be the commuters in traffic jams; on Saturday mornings there is time to be spent stewing more productively.  Today it was apples. I bought dried apples in the market in Pristina a … Continue reading

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Harry Potter’s honey tuckbox

I feel like Harry Potter.  I’ve just received through the post a brown cardboard box containing small jars labelled ‘viper’s bugloss’ and ‘pohutukawa’.  My first guess is that pohutukawa is the antidote spell for poisoning by viper’s bugloss. The jars … Continue reading

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Yummy Yemeni honey bread

As you are no doubt aware, today is the national day of Yemen.  If language were entirely onomatopoeic then I’m sure that ‘yemen’ would be the word for ‘to eat’; saying it makes your mouth move in the same way … Continue reading

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Making baklava III

I’ve been making baklava quite a lot recently; for three Thursdays in a row in fact.  Two weeks ago it featured as one of the dishes modelled by culinary anthropologist, Anna Colquhoun at the event she hosted to mark the … Continue reading

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Honey from the beepeekers in Seattle

My friend has been enthusiastically telling me about ‘post-crossing’ – a vast international community who send postcards to each other from around the world. I think I’ve just become a ‘honey-crosser.’ Three years ago, when was starting writing my book, … Continue reading

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Honey and mustard: launching and dipping

There were nearly 100 people in Daunt Books, Holland Park tonight.  And I’d promised all of them honeyed snacks. It was a big night for me, not just because of the catering; this was the launch of my book, Travels … Continue reading

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Greek pine tree honey

They say that it’s hard to leave Greece because your feet get stuck in its honey. I do love Greece, and I do love its honey. I also love living somewhere that’s close enough to let you drive to Greece … Continue reading

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Torrone. A sticky mess on Europe Day

The main square in Pristina was transformed today into a ‘Taste Europe’ street fair to celebrate Europe Day, a public holiday in Kosovo.  Passers-by were offered a smart recipe book with something traditional from every country in Europe, and the … Continue reading

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The best honey to spread on a croissant?

What’s the best honey to have with a croissant?  It’s the kind of thing you can find time to ponder on a Sunday morning. I live in the Peyton Place (yes, named after the US soap opera during Yugoslavia’s age … Continue reading

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