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Banana and honey bread

Love food, hate waste? Love food, hate bananas blackening in the fruit bowl? Rob went to throw the bananas out today and I swore to him that I was going to make banana bread with them. He sighed, because he … Continue reading

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Beekeeping for social change in the inner city – the Golden Company honey the Albanian mountain beekeepers exported to Hackney.

[Photo reused with permission from the Hackney Gazette. Read their article here] I first came across Zoe Palmer when she was walking up a mountain in Albania. In fact I was sitting on my sofa at the time, watching a … Continue reading

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Stewed quince with honey

  Quince are full of surprises. During the summer you bask in their exotic blossom and feel aghast when it falls and the trees start to bud and bunion into knobbly almost-pears. The autumnal feeling can get to you and … Continue reading

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Out of date? Vintage London honey from 1991

The story goes that when Tutankhamun’s tomb was being excavated, some intriguing ancient jars were discovered. On opening them up, the archaeologists found they were full of something dark and sticky and liquid, sweet-smelling. Poking a nervous finger into the … Continue reading

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A new way to eat honey – my own Kosovan handcrafted drizzler (also available to buy)

  Honey from a drizzler: it’s the languorous teatime way to eat. Watching the faery columns of gold spooling down from a drizzler is like being allowed to play with your food. I have no idea how this particular design … Continue reading

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11/11/11 – pepero honey sticks day in Korea

Anyone who has checked an email date stamp today, or written a letter, signed a cheque, saved an electronic document or spent too long looking at newspaper headers can’t have failed to think about the ‘once-in-a-century’ day we’ve been spending. … Continue reading

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Honey apple pie with honey pastry

I’m an enthusiastic eater of pastry, but an extremely incompetent pastry chef. My pastry cheffing is generally a botch job, squeezing together sudden unexpected fissures, flopping uneven skins over pastry tins – and swearing as they tear in the wrong … Continue reading

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An ex-pat’s treat: English Larinka Apiary Honey

I was given a pot of this fabulous honey by my sister who shops at Karin Lauritzen’s stall at the Farmers’ Market in Haslemere. That’s a long way from Kosovo, and it was nice to take a little piece of … Continue reading

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Sbiten-smitten; a Russian honey drink

It’s a holiday in Russia today apparently, the Day of Unity, celebrated with food and drink.  Any excuse for a drink – in this case the traditional Russian ‘sbiten’ which is a herbal honey drink I’d read about in Dostoevsky, … Continue reading

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