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Honey in a Fanta bottle; roadside beehives in Georgia

We are in Shatili, on the northern slopes of the Caucasus. The village is in Georgia but only a couple of miles from the border with Chechnya. It’s wild country of obvious strategic significance but, more importantly, it’s wonderful beekeeping … Continue reading

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Honey beer as part of Tallinn’s medieval banquet

I’m spending this evening in Tallinn. I somehow had an inkling that there would be honey treats to be found in Estonia but with only 5 hours layover between flights I wasn’t sure that I would be able to find … Continue reading

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Ethiopian spiced honey bread to break the Ramadan fast

Today is the first day of Ramadan*. I’ve never tried to keep a Ramadan fast at any time of year, though one of my Muslim friends in Kosovo has promised to invite me for the iftar evening meal one day … Continue reading

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Scripture cake – a treasure trail, an education and a tasty slice

I don’t normally stir much Bible into my cooking, but today I found a recipe which intrigued me. The ingredients are given by chapter and verse of the Bible so that, for example, Isaiah 10:14 (‘And my hand has found … Continue reading

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French honeysuckle honey ice lollies

This is a strikingly pale honey which my honey dictionary tells me is ideal for making honey ice lollies. As temperatures here today have been a sticky 34 degrees, I tried it out, putting into the freezer a teaspoon filled … Continue reading

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