Dandelion honey

Dandelions are also known as piss-a-beds. I have no idea what the chemical or folklore connection might be, but when I lifted the lid on my pot of dandelion honey I got a powerful whiff of ammonia. It’s not an auspicious beginning for a honey tasting.

Actually, that’s not fair – the very beginning was extremely auspicious, because one’s appreciation of a honey starts with the visual impression, and this is a beauty. It’s a bright yellow the colour of… well, exactly.

As well as its colour its consistency is also appealing – it’s a languid kind of opaque runny honey – but I still took some convincing to try the taste of something with a smell like old nappies. When I was finally brave enough the taste was quite a surprise, reminiscent of chamomile. The honey isn’t particularly sweet, and it’s cool on the palate, leaving a strange almost oily residue. This is less a honey than an experience.

I can’t honestly believe I will ever reach for this pot to spread it on toast, lick it off a spoon or drizzle it over anything, but I can imagine that the taste will combine well to make something like a salad dressing, where very sweet honeys can be egregious. And it would be no bad thing for that aroma to be mixed with some vinegar before it’s brought to table.

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3 Responses to Dandelion honey

  1. Anna says:

    Very interesting! Where did you get this honey from?

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