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Clover honey; my mother’s true story

I vividly remember sitting in front of a pot of clover honey as a child and asking my mother why it had a picture of a flower on it (this was in the same kitchen, so I know that it … Continue reading

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Honey sesame seed brittle

Imagine spending an afternoon dripping molten gold off a spoon, watching it harden into little golden ball bearings, or spinning fine blonde whiskers between the spoon and your mouth. Imagine that all this gilded glory could be yours for the … Continue reading

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Decani monastery honey

Decani monastery is the jewel of the Serbian Orthodox church in Kosovo. Indeed, it belongs to more people than that, as one of the sites given Unesco World Heritage status in Kosovo. It’s been protected by local Albanians through history … Continue reading

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Honey salad dressing

It’s summer and while I’m thinking about (salad) dressing everyone else in town seems to be thinking about just how far they can be un-dressing. Ah well, I guess that with the right company for supper, one can lead to … Continue reading

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Mead: a sweet ancient glow in the mouth

You can see how mead was developed. Someone swallowed a delicious spoonful of honey and thought to themselves ‘I’d like to get drunk on this stuff’. So sticky experiments were conducted there in the ancient kitchen, and although a few … Continue reading

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Bee-ing bee-bitten

Today’s post is a guestblog from beekeeper and herbalist, Leslie from About 10 years ago, I became “bee-bitten”. That is a phenomenon where all of a sudden it seems everywhere you look, you see bees and become enamored by … Continue reading

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Me fat Bajrami! New Zealand doughnuts soaked in honey

Today is Bajram or Eid-ul-fitr, the Muslim festival at the end of Ramadan. I’m spending it in Kosovo where it’s celebrated with the eating of honeyed pastries and much visiting and wishing to one another of a ‘propitious feast’. This … Continue reading

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Rosemary honey – a guest blog by chef James Nathan

In 2002 I traded in being a lawyer to become a chef. This was largely because I found law a destructive discipline that usually makes people sad; cooking on the other hand is creative and tends to make people happy. … Continue reading

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Walnut and honey pikelets

What’s a pikelet? A little pike of course… And also a rich pancake/ drop scone kind of thing, which I’m told is a favourite in New Zealand. This recipe is really easy and combines honey in the mixture, but is … Continue reading

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Honey with propolis

You know when spring comes and buds come out, with a shiny coating that protects them before they burst into full flower. Now imagine that shiny coating transformed into something that could coat your own skin when you’ve grazed yourself, … Continue reading

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