Avocado Honey

Avocadoes. Glossy green jewels, with creamy insides. So, avocado honey…?

You would never be able to tell its parentage, this little pot of walnut-coloured liquid stickiness. Opening up the lid offered me a malty, burnt wool smell. From my dipped finger I got a rush of dark treacle with a leather aftertaste. Holy guacamole, this is nothing like I expected. It’s another bit of bee alchemy, transforming an exotic fruit of light into this molasses-like late night taste.

So what to do with it? This is no chirpy breakfast honey, or afternoon tea drizzle; this needs a dish built around it, or to contribute to a sophisticated dessert. I’m a vegetarian, so I left off glazing sausages years ago, but if I were still to be honey-glazing meat I think this would work very well. Likewise it would go with the witchy pleasures of stewed prunes (I’ll cut it with some crème fraiche or yoghurt), with anything containing cloves, with chestnuts or trickled over chocolate ice-cream. Oooh, it’s going to be a happy new year.

The avocado honey I tried was from Honey Pacifica.

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3 Responses to Avocado Honey

  1. Oh, that sounds amazing! I once had a carrot honey that was as dark as molasses, and tasted of malt. Yum, avocado honey.

  2. We hear from our customers that they love the avocado honey in coffee. If you come up with a good recipe send it our way we’d love to try it.

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