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The cranberry honey pudding and the haybox slow cooker

When I made a steamed oat honey pudding last year, one of the comments on my blog suggested that a greener approach to steaming would be heat retention cooking. So today, I confected a ‘haybox*’ (*no actual hay included) with … Continue reading

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An Irish recipe for easy honey mousse

Last year we had a blissful holiday in Ireland in a thatched cottage with a quirky DVD collection, a board game called Class War (we played it a few times and the Marxists always won) and a collection of soup-stained … Continue reading

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Orange, honey and poppy seed roulade. A little less January

Today I wanted to cheer up a January day, and thought I’d have a go at improving a recipe I first came across when I was writing my book, Travels in Blood and Honey; becoming a beekeeper in Kosovo, at … Continue reading

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The Neighbourhood 29 beekeeper; the honey of hope

The Ideas Partnership, the charity I co-founded and volunteer with in Kosovo, does much of its work in Neighbourhood 29, a Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community in a suburb of Pristina. The families we work with scrabble out an existence … Continue reading

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Honey bircher muesli – ‘food of the sunlight’

I’ve always connected bircher muesli with good health of the self-flagellating kind, and it’s only while writing this today that I’ve realised that that’s because of the subliminal connection with birch rods. Which have nothing really to do with its … Continue reading

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Raspberry blossom honey from Romania

I bought this honey in a market in Cluj Napoca in the autumn. It’s a fine, straw-coloured liquid honey with a powerful butterscotch scent. This really could be Werther’s Original Honey.   The taste is more complex, though still delicious. … Continue reading

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Honey syllabub for book group

My book group meets tonight and as usual we are hosted at a member’s home and all encouraged to bring some food to share. What’s more, we’re asked to confirm with our hostess in advance what we’ll be bringing. It’s … Continue reading

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Port Isaac honey and summer nostalgia

When someone gives you some of the honey from their bees, it’s not just a kind thought, a lick of sweetness, a funky (in this case) earthenware jar; it’s as if they’ve bottled for you all that’s best of their … Continue reading

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Honey scones at Sunday teatime

Nothing beats Sunday evening blues like baking up an afternoon tea with good friends. While outside it’s snowy and all I could see was variations on black and white, inside it was warm and buttery with pools of rich jewel-coloured … Continue reading

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