The ten best recipes to make with honey?

So this is Day 100 of the One Hundred Days of Honey. In my last blogpost, I said I felt full; now I actually feel rather empty 😦

But there have been some wonderful things I’ve been filled with over these one hundred days. And for my final post I’m going to try to select the ten best culinary experiences. Click through to see the details, or scroll down for a list of the links to every honey recipe I’ve blogged about.

So, in reverse order, the things I think you should try making with your pot of honey are…

10. Nigella’s honey chocolate cakedespite its rich, dark chocolatey loveliness, you can taste the honey

9. Cranberry pudding with honey saucea US recipe which apparently dates from colonial times and is a moist fruity steamed pudding

8. Oaten honeycombanother steamed pudding, but this time gluten-free thanks to the oats from which it’s made, based on an Irish recipe

7. Carob, orange and honey muffins – a fabulous texture from the carob flour, with orange juice to cut through the richness

6. Honey ice-creama recipe which doesn’t require an ice-cream maker and which produces wonderful velvety ice-cream

5. Pears en papillotea dramatic recipe which produces fragrant exotic honeyed parcels for each diner to unwrap at their plate. Who knew baking paper could bring such magic to dessert.

4. Coventry tartletsrich traditional tartlets made with cream cheese and honey

3. Bircher mueslithe honeyed breakfast zinging with vitamins and good health.

2. Green beans with honey and garlicproof that honey isn’t just for teatime or dessert: an oriental twist to beans in a very easy recipe

1. Tiessennau MelWelsh honey muffins, dark as parkin and sticky as gingerbread

The full list of honey recipes from my 100 Days of Honey…

For more honey recipes but also honey tasting notes and stories behind extraordinary honeys, see my recently published Little Book of Honey.


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4 Responses to The ten best recipes to make with honey?

  1. You are going to leave your blog up thought, aren’t you. I hate it you aren’t going to post anymore 😦

  2. elizabethgowing says:

    Yes, the blog will stay, and I’m busy getting my next book ready for publication later this spring! It’s been lovely doing the blog and ‘meeting’ lovely people like you 🙂 Thanks so much for all your feedback and support!

  3. Emily Heath says:

    Thanks for all the recipes and honey suggestions, it has been a great blog to follow.

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