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National Trust honey – sustainable living at Swan Barn Farm

‘The simple action of putting honey from a local beekeeper on your toast in the morning can have knock-on benefits across the countryside.’ This is advice from David Elliott, the National Trust warden at Swan Barn Farm near Haslemere in … Continue reading

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Travels in Turkey’s honey

In my last post I promised I’d talk more about the honey I brought back with me from Istanbul. Of course, I brought back lots of honeys – those circulating in my bloodstream still from sampling in the market, the … Continue reading

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How the Bal-kans got its name. Bal and apricots for breakfast in Istanbul

I’m writing this at Istanbul airport, on my way home after a mini-break of honey. Honey has been a fine golden thread running through our meals and our shopping, and connecting me here in the Ottoman capital, with the food … Continue reading

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Afternoon tea with hazelnut and honey cake

It’s Sunday afternoon, and that means tea. As Monday and its obligations nudge nearer, there is only one thing to do: hunker down around the toaster with a pot of honey, and a freshly-baked cake. Today, this was our cake, … Continue reading

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Swimming in baklava? The honey from Pristina’s lakeside hives

On one of my first weekends in Kosovo a new friend invited us to come with her on a day trip to a local beauty spot. ‘Everyone loves swimming in Lake Baklava’ (I thought) she said. A lake of baklava … Continue reading

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Independence Day in Kosovo; my celebratory hazelnuts in honey recipe

Last night I made my way home along the main thoroughfare in Pristina, stumbling and slipping and having near-misses with a pavement which is more like a ploughed field in texture; churned and scarified and half-melted and refrozen, icy and … Continue reading

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Pots in the post: transported to a Warwickshire garden

Beekeepers are sharing people. It’s a craft, or a science, best learned from others in situ, not from books. Just as I was tutored by Adem on his smallholding in north-east Kosovo, 2km from the Serbian border, most beekeepers owe … Continue reading

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Bzzzz Brrrr. Seeing you through winter – bee fondant

It’s cold here. It’s cold almost everywhere in the northern hemisphere as far as I can tell, but the polar gales, the snowdrifts, the frozen pipes and frozen roads and frozen fingers – they seem to have set up their … Continue reading

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