Honey and mustard: launching and dipping

Gurabie (Kosovan scones)

There were nearly 100 people in Daunt Books, Holland Park tonight.  And I’d promised all of them honeyed snacks. It was a big night for me, not just because of the catering; this was the launch of my book, Travels in Blood and Honey; becoming a beekeeper in Kosovo. We were sipping Kosovan wine (from Waitrose) and Kosovan honey raki brandy and quince brandy and grappa, but these people needed feeding.

The menu I devised was a mixture of recipes from my book (ajvar red pepper relish, mini gurabie scones, baklava) and non-Kosovan recipes with honey. The latter included pale clear acacia honey drizzled over Somerset goats cheese on baguette, and Bulgarian wildflower honey mixed with Dijon mustard for a tangy dip for sausages.

Inevitably I didn’t get to eat any of it. But I signed books until the shop ran out and I saw old friends and we promised to see each other again over lingering meals of honey and more. Tonight was just the beginning.

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