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Bob’s honey in soothing tea

Today’s post is a guest blog by the lovely Thalie of the Honey Archives My in-laws have a cottage on lake Memphramagog in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. We go up a few times a year and whenever we … Continue reading

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Ethiopian spiced honey bread to break the Ramadan fast

Today is the first day of Ramadan*. I’ve never tried to keep a Ramadan fast at any time of year, though one of my Muslim friends in Kosovo has promised to invite me for the iftar evening meal one day … Continue reading

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Scripture cake – a treasure trail, an education and a tasty slice

I don’t normally stir much Bible into my cooking, but today I found a recipe which intrigued me. The ingredients are given by chapter and verse of the Bible so that, for example, Isaiah 10:14 (‘And my hand has found … Continue reading

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Honey spice cake/ ‘pain d’epices’

I loved every minute of making this cake – beginning with the indulgence of a recipe which starts with blending warm milk, honey and butter. I used to like ‘milk and honey’ as the description of a land of luxury, … Continue reading

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Irish ‘oaten honeycomb’ gluten-free steamed pudding

I spent a delicious week in Ireland earlier this year, and as well as picking up some fabulous honey (coming soon) I picked up a new respect for oats and some recipes for what to do with them. I never … Continue reading

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Becoming a woman who makes her own bread. A challah recipe with honey

Our NGO, The Ideas Partnership, works in the Roma community of Fushe Kosove. Food is scarce there, in families where there can be ten people sleeping in one room, for warmth, and where the men spend their days going through … Continue reading

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A honey treat for Eeyore – thistle honey toffee sauce

Eeyore knew what he was doing. Feasting on thistles sounds like a hair shirt of a treat, but – as I should have guessed from a character who usually has a sweet edge to his prickliness – my first encounter … Continue reading

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St David’s Day Teisennau Mel (Welsh honey cakes)

Thank goodness for ‘mel’ – the apparently pronounceable conclusion in the bewildering nectar flow of this multi-syllabic Welsh recipe. I still don’t know how to pronounce teisennau a shame as it means that when I go to a Welsh bakery … Continue reading

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Afternoon tea with hazelnut and honey cake

It’s Sunday afternoon, and that means tea. As Monday and its obligations nudge nearer, there is only one thing to do: hunker down around the toaster with a pot of honey, and a freshly-baked cake. Today, this was our cake, … Continue reading

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Banana and honey bread

Love food, hate waste? Love food, hate bananas blackening in the fruit bowl? Rob went to throw the bananas out today and I swore to him that I was going to make banana bread with them. He sighed, because he … Continue reading

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