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Honey syllabub for book group

My book group meets tonight and as usual we are hosted at a member’s home and all encouraged to bring some food to share. What’s more, we’re asked to confirm with our hostess in advance what we’ll be bringing. It’s … Continue reading

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Honey and chocolate cake

Why does cake mixture always taste better than the finished cooked cake? (and while we’re on the subject of taste conundrums, how about the way that realising that parmesan cheese tastes of pineapple – and that red peppers taste like … Continue reading

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Carob flour, honey and orange muffins

Today’s honey was eaten in an experiment with carob flour. Although I have written scathingly about carob, and I stand by my position that whatever people in health food shops tell you, it is not a substitute for chocolate, I … Continue reading

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Happy new year! Sfratti honey biscuits for Rosh Hashanah

So today was the anniversary of the creation of the world. In Jewish tradition, the time up to sundown today is for reflection and seeking forgiveness, and the festival is apparently marked by plenty of honey. Apples are dipped into … Continue reading

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Honey crumble – a dairy-free version of the fruit pudding

Today’s honey was part of an attempt to go dairy-free. One of my favourite puddings is fruit crumble (what my American friends call crisp. But then what I call crisps they call chips and what I call chips are what … Continue reading

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Honey sesame seed brittle

Imagine spending an afternoon dripping molten gold off a spoon, watching it harden into little golden ball bearings, or spinning fine blonde whiskers between the spoon and your mouth. Imagine that all this gilded glory could be yours for the … Continue reading

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Honey salad dressing

It’s summer and while I’m thinking about (salad) dressing everyone else in town seems to be thinking about just how far they can be un-dressing. Ah well, I guess that with the right company for supper, one can lead to … Continue reading

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Me fat Bajrami! New Zealand doughnuts soaked in honey

Today is Bajram or Eid-ul-fitr, the Muslim festival at the end of Ramadan. I’m spending it in Kosovo where it’s celebrated with the eating of honeyed pastries and much visiting and wishing to one another of a ‘propitious feast’. This … Continue reading

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Walnut and honey pikelets

What’s a pikelet? A little pike of course… And also a rich pancake/ drop scone kind of thing, which I’m told is a favourite in New Zealand. This recipe is really easy and combines honey in the mixture, but is … Continue reading

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Honeyed popcorn

More than gold, more than guns, the item with the highest mark-up on the market is… pop-corn. You take a few spoonfuls of one of the world’s most basic foodstuffs – maize kernels – and combine with some oil and … Continue reading

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