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Orange, honey and poppy seed roulade. A little less January

Today I wanted to cheer up a January day, and thought I’d have a go at improving a recipe I first came across when I was writing my book, Travels in Blood and Honey; becoming a beekeeper in Kosovo, at … Continue reading

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The Neighbourhood 29 beekeeper; the honey of hope

The Ideas Partnership, the charity I co-founded and volunteer with in Kosovo, does much of its work in Neighbourhood 29, a Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community in a suburb of Pristina. The families we work with scrabble out an existence … Continue reading

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Honey bircher muesli – ‘food of the sunlight’

I’ve always connected bircher muesli with good health of the self-flagellating kind, and it’s only while writing this today that I’ve realised that that’s because of the subliminal connection with birch rods. Which have nothing really to do with its … Continue reading

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Raspberry blossom honey from Romania

I bought this honey in a market in Cluj Napoca in the autumn. It’s a fine, straw-coloured liquid honey with a powerful butterscotch scent. This really could be Werther’s Original Honey.   The taste is more complex, though still delicious. … Continue reading

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Honey syllabub for book group

My book group meets tonight and as usual we are hosted at a member’s home and all encouraged to bring some food to share. What’s more, we’re asked to confirm with our hostess in advance what we’ll be bringing. It’s … Continue reading

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Port Isaac honey and summer nostalgia

When someone gives you some of the honey from their bees, it’s not just a kind thought, a lick of sweetness, a funky (in this case) earthenware jar; it’s as if they’ve bottled for you all that’s best of their … Continue reading

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Honey scones at Sunday teatime

Nothing beats Sunday evening blues like baking up an afternoon tea with good friends. While outside it’s snowy and all I could see was variations on black and white, inside it was warm and buttery with pools of rich jewel-coloured … Continue reading

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Lime-flower honey in Transylvania

I arrived in Transylvania this morning, and the only thing I knew about honey here wasn’t really a recommendation: Vlad the Impaler’s head was preserved in honey on its way to the Sultan in Istanbul where it was then displayed … Continue reading

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Honey and chocolate cake

Why does cake mixture always taste better than the finished cooked cake? (and while we’re on the subject of taste conundrums, how about the way that realising that parmesan cheese tastes of pineapple – and that red peppers taste like … Continue reading

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Fortnum and Mason’s ‘superior honey’ from their rooftop hives

City honey is frequently judged to be better than country honey. This is because of the lush, varied herbaceous borders the bees can forage on, in contrast to the fields of rape or other monocultures – which are all that … Continue reading

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