Honey bircher muesli – ‘food of the sunlight’

I’ve always connected bircher muesli with good health of the self-flagellating kind, and it’s only while writing this today that I’ve realised that that’s because of the subliminal connection with birch rods. Which have nothing really to do with its name, which comes from a nineteenth century Swiss physician, Dr Bircher, a believer in the power of what he called ‘food of the sunlight’ (fruit and vegetables rather than meat) for health.

His trademark breakfast ‘of the sunlight’ is one of my favourite, and depends on soaking oats in fruit juice and honey for 24 hours to make them moist and lovely, before mixing them with cream and fruit. Tempting? Well, if you make it now it will be ready for a brilliant start to Monday morning, so here’s the recipe…

(makes 2 portions)

100g oats

40g coarse ground mixed nuts (I used almonds and walnuts)

1 apple, peeled and coarsely grated

165ml orange juice

30g dried fruit (I used raisins and dates)

50g honey

Mix the ingredients together and leave for 24 hours

Then mix with 30ml creme fraiche, 50g yoghurt and seeds of one pomegranate (or equivalent amount of other fruit).

For more honey recipes, honey tasting notes, and stories behind extraordinary honeys, see my recently published Little Book of Honey.

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2 Responses to Honey bircher muesli – ‘food of the sunlight’

  1. Emily Heath says:

    I usually find cereal in orange juice too sweet, but I imagine the creme fraiche or yogurt helps counteract that.

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