Honey and chocolate cake

Why does cake mixture always taste better than the finished cooked cake? (and while we’re on the subject of taste conundrums, how about the way that realising that parmesan cheese tastes of pineapple – and that red peppers taste like diesel – spoils your enjoyment. And why does herbal tea always smell better than it tastes???).

Today I made a truly delicious honey and chocolate cake. But lovely though the finished cake was, and moist as was its texture, and honeyed its undertones, it was no way near as nice as the fingerfuls of mixture I helped myself to along the way. I can’t explain this, and I wish I knew a way to preserve the experience of stolen licks of the spoon. Or can I just be bold the next time we have people round to dinner, and pass one of them a whisk, one a wooden spoon, one a mixing bowl, each dripping mixture, and offer them this instead of dessert?

Anyway, you want to know about the cake? I got the recipe from my friend, Sally, who writes an inspiring blog (along with glorious photographs) called ‘Feeding the lions’ where she featured this cake and her modifications to make Nigella’s recipe gluten-free. You can see the recipe on her site.

She used heather honey, where I used a light acacia I got from Geneva. I was worried that the cake might be too rich and dark with all that cocoa and dark chocolate, but the honey taste makes it a sweet but still complex flavoured cake. I loved it.

For more recipes using honey, see my Travels in Blood and Honey; becoming a beekeeper in Kosovo, published in 2011 by Signal Books

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