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Shandatlie honey and walnut cake

Lots of the desserts I’ve grown to love (and grown from loving) in Kosovo are variations on a theme of carbohydrate soaked in syrup. In baklava the carbohydrate in question is filo pastry but the principle is very similar as … Continue reading

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Dandelion honey

Dandelions are also known as piss-a-beds. I have no idea what the chemical or folklore connection might be, but when I lifted the lid on my pot of dandelion honey I got a powerful whiff of ammonia. It’s not an … Continue reading

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The culinary anthropologist’s baklava

There are ten of us in the kitchen: a South African, two New Zealanders, four Brits, an Albanian and two Kosovars.  We are preparing food together, and too many cooks doesn’t spoil the baklava. We are doing something which is … Continue reading

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Ivy honey from the Lizard Peninsula

From Cornwall, my spiritual home, I heard about ivy honey. It’s an intriguing idea, and sounds like it should be an ingredient in a spell, or indeed that it is the result of witchery; the magicking of the dark toxins … Continue reading

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Pear and honey en papillote

So you have all this wonderful honey and then you start to think about things you can do with it.  I mean things more sophisticated than licking it off your fingers.  What follows is one of my favourite recipes with … Continue reading

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Gracanica monastery honey, the colour of a halo

This morning we went to Gracanica, a short drive from Pristina, to see the town’s Serbian Orthodox monastery dating from the fourteenth century.  It’s a stunning building, covered with murals of mournful saints with fabulous cheekbones. Stage-managed shafts of daylight … Continue reading

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