Homemade honey ice-cream

It’s been a day for ice-cream today; a slow sunny day. But making your own ice-cream without an ice-cream maker is not usually a slow or sunny activity (all that constant returning to the freezer to bash at the ice crystals when you could be lolling in a garden, lulled by the buzz of bees). That’s what’s so brilliant about this recipe – it requires no machinery beyond an electric whisk, and no repeat trips to check on the freezer compartment. It comes courtesy of my parents’ friend, Trish, who’s lived in many countries where you can’t rely on shop-bought ice-cream to come in anything other than salmonella flavour. This home-made alternative tastes delicious. As the Albanians would say, ju befte mire – bon appetit.

4 eggs
85g sugar
570ml double cream
1 pot of honey – the runnier the better

Whip the eggs and the sugar together until they are white. (This doesn’t mean whipping just the egg whites until they lose their transparency, but whipping the whole egg until it’s white. This is where the electric whisk is essential. The air which is added to the eggs by doing this extensive whipping is the key factor in being able to have fluffy ice-cream without an ice-cream maker.)
Whip the cream until stiff, and fold in the honey.
Combine all the ingredients, folding carefully to keep in as much air as possible. Freeze overnight.  I usually find this a rather strange recipe direction as it suggests that you would be eating the ice-cream first thing in the morning. But maybe homemade honey ice-cream could form the perfect indulgent Easter breakfast.

This recipe, and many others, are in my book,  Travels in Blood and Honey; becoming a beekeeper in Kosovo, now available on Amazon

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