What is 100 Days of Honey?

Front cover of 'Travels in Blood and Honey; becoming a beekeeper in Kosovo' by Elizabeth GowingThis is my new blog, launching to coincide with publication of my book, Travels in Blood and Honey; becoming a beekeeper in Kosovo. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Travels-Blood-Honey-Becoming-Beekeeper/dp/1904955908/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1302846075&sr=8-1

From Thursday 22 April, for one hundred days, I’m going to be trying a different honey or honey recipe every day. Coriander honey, avocado flower honey, my own wildflower honey from Kosovo, honey bought by the side of the road in Bulgaria, the lavender honey I was given from Philadelphia, biscuits, drinks, bastes, baking… I hope this will be a mouth-watering celebration of nature’s sweetener.

The blogs will celebrate the stories behind the honeys – the bees and the families who care for them and the flowers that provide for them.  If you produce a honey you would like me to feature, or if you have a honey recipe you want me to share, then get in touch on elizabethgowing@hotmail.com, or on Twitter – @elizabethgowing

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2 Responses to What is 100 Days of Honey?

  1. irene beever says:

    Hi Elizabeth
    we met on Saturday at Churchill Heritage Centre. I am sending you a sample of my honey which I extracted yesterday and will include a short note on origin etc.

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